Benefits of a Payday Loan. Simple Payday Loans in your bank account the same day.

Simple Payday Loans

Your application is processed within the hour by an advisor. The decison on your application is NOT based on your credit history, so you are more likely to be accepted for a Payday Loan should your credit file be less than perfect.
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Application will be processed by an advisor, not a computer.

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We post, fax or email you the agreement for you to sign.

Cash in your account.

Cash in your account
The payday loan is paid in as cash, so you don't need to wait for it to clear.

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No problem if you have a bad credit history.

Benefits of choosing a Payday Loan

1. Payday Loans are not approved based on your credit file, there are no credit checks, therefore making it possible for those with a less than perfect credit file to be able to obtain a Payday Loan. So if you have a bad credit history or a CCJ, it's not a problem, we just want to know if you are able to make the payment when it's due.

2. You do not have to be a homeowner to qualify

3. Only borrow what you need. Once approved for a credit limit, you are not obliged to take the whole amount, you can borrow just what you need.

4. Once approved and a credit limit has been agreed, you borrow up to that amount whenever you need it.

5. Unlike the days when it was necessary to have a chequebook or even a cheque guarantee card in order to apply, you are now required to have a debit card for the bank account you have your wages paid into before you can apply for a Payday Loan with us.

6. The cash is deposited into your bank account the same day providing you are approved by 3pm and we have received the requested documents, otherwise your account will be credited the next day, providing it is a normal working day.

7. The lender does not rely on an automated system to approve loans, the application will be processed by a loan advisor who can have a look at your individual circumstances and ask you any questions should something be unclear, also you have someone to speak to you should you have any questions regarding your payday loan.

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Bad credit history or a CCJ