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Debit Card Loans

* Must be over 21 and a UK resident
* Must be in employment
* Wages should be paid into your bank account
* Have a debit card for the same bank account
Debitcard Loan
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Cash in your account
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Same Day Debitcard Loan. No problem if you have a bad credit history.

Debit Card Loans

Debit Card Loans are the same as Payday Loans. Most lenders required you to have a chequebook and in most cases a cheque guarantee card before you were able to apply. Over the years the Debit Card Loan lenders have evolved their lending criteria and now require that you have debit card so that the loan repayment can be made by your card.

'Research by Consumer Focus suggests that 1.2 million people are now taking out a payday loan every year, borrowing a total of £1.2bn.

For many people such a loan is a quick and efficient way of getting hold of short-term credit.

If the money is paid back promptly on the next pay day, this type of lending can be cheaper than paying an unauthorised overdraft or a credit card charge.'
BBC News

Cash is available for those unexpected expenses like car repairs or a forgotten birthday. A cash loan for any purpose is available with Debit Card Loans.

You can apply online and have a decision usually within the hour, once approved, the cash is available in your bank account the same day.

Couple pleased with their debit card loan

You must have a debit card for the bank account that you have your wages paid into, before you apply for Debit Card Loan.