How Payday Loans Work.

Payday Loans

Pay Day Loans are now generally known as debitcard loans since you no longer need a chequebook. You must have a debit card for your bank account.
Simple Process
Apply for a no credit check, bad credit history loan today

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Application processed within the hour

Process your application
We will process your payday loans application within the hour.

We will contact you apon approval

Upon Approval
We post, fax or email you the agreement for you to sign.

Cash in your account.

Cash in your account
The Payday Loan is paid in as cash, so you don't need to wait for it to clear.

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No problem if you have a bad credit history.

How Do Payday Loans Work?

A Payday Loan can be applied for online. We provide a simple online application. We do not ask for personal banking details such as card numbers or account details. We only ask some basic questions to ensure that you meet the minimum lending criteria.

Once the application has been received, you will receive a call to confirm your details and to make sure that it was you that applied for a payday loan, this reduces the chance of someone using your information to obtain fraudulent loans. If we are unable to fully verify the details provided, you will be asked to fax or email additional details.

As soon as a decision regarding your application has been made, you will be contacted and an agreement will be emailed to you unless you prefer to receive it by fax or by post (if you decide to receive your agreement by post, you will not have the cash in your account the same day).

At this stage you are under no obligation to take the loan, you can have your agreed credit limit available to you for when you want it.

Once you have agreed to the loan terms and have agreed to the repayment amount and repayment date, the payday loan will be paid and the cash will be available in your bank account.

Repayment is automatically taken from your bank account on the agreed date (your next payday), so you don't need to call to make a payment or send us a payment by post.

And there you have it. A Simple Payday Loan.

Benefits of choosing a Payday Loan