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Payday Loan Testimonials

We were invited to a short weekend away in Paris with friends but it was a little short notice and we hadn't prepared financially to go away. I was not due to get paid until the week after we were due to return. I never thought about getting a payday loan before even though I had only recently heard about it. I was surprised at how easy it all was and I had the money in my account in no time. We had a great time away and I was able to pay the loan back when I got back.
Julia A. West Sussex

I have recently realised that you have be aware when lending your mobile phone to your teenage daughter. I was planning on buying a dress for a wedding I was going to at the end of the month, then I got the phone bill. This left me short and frustrated, but a debit card loan helped me out of this situation.
Audrey B. Middlesex

I took out a payday loan a few months ago, it was my boyfriends birthday and I had budgeted for his gift, a big screen TV, but then on the last minute I decided to get him a slightly bigger TV and I was a little short. Anyway, this was helpful and it was an easy process. More recently I had a little knock with my car and I had to pay the access on the insurance which I couldn't afford as it was already an expensive month already, then I decided to call for a payday loan, they were so helpful and I had the money in my account the same day. This time a payday loan was really helpful.
Rachel S. Croydon

April has been an especially expensive month, all the bank holidays we've had and the whole family off from school and work, I tried my best to do what we can on a budget. I still found myself short at the end of the month to cover all the bills. A debit card loan really did help. I applied a few days before I got paid, and they let me pay the back on my payday the following month.
Tommy G. Sevenoaks

A payday loan really helped me out recently. The girlfriend called me at work to tell me we had her best friend over for a few days and I knew this wasn't going to be cheap. I've already had a payday loan before, which meant that all I had to do was to give them a call, and the money was in my bank in about an hour.
Johnny S. Cardiff

I've recently bought my first car, and after paying for the car and insurance I was left fairly short of money. To my complete surprise, I didn't notice that the Car Tax was due to expire a few days later. I didn't want to leave the car I've just bought outside the house whilst I take the bus to work, so a payday loan really helped me out.
Jessica J. Windsor

I'm not really sure where the wife got the idea that I was going to surprise her with a week away for her birthday, and it seemed like it was going to actually have to happen. Well, long story short, a debit card loan was what I needed. Its was easy, transparent and it was very simple, there was no long-term commitment involved.
Scott N. Liverpool