Simple Payday Loan, No Credit Checks, Bad Credit History is not a problem.

Simple Payday Loan

Our aim at Basic Payday Loan is to make applying simple and easy. We only ask the questions we need to. Apply for a payday loan using the application below.
How it works
Apply using our simple payday loan application form

Apply For A Payday Loan
Answer just a few simple questions. We only ask the question we need.

We will process your application and call you with the decision within the hour

Process Your Application
We will process your online application within the hour and let you know the decision.

We will email you a credit agreement

Upon Approval
We post, fax or email you the agreement for you to sign.

Your payday loan will be paid into your bank account as CASH, which means you have access to it instantly

Cash in your account
Money is paid in as cash, so you don't need to wait for it to clear. Instant cash available.

Simple Payday Loan

We believe that applying for a small loan till your next payday should be a simple, stress free process. Apply for a simple payday loan using the online application form below.
An advisor will call you on receipt of the application at which point you can ask any questions you may have.

An easy, simple payday loan is great for those last minute expenses or for when you can do with that little extra cash, like that holiday you've planned or that birthday that we all forget from time to time.